Our security packages ensure that you feel safe and secure in your home.

We offer high-quality security services at affordable prices
We believe in reliable, local protection. We’ve been protecting homes and businesses across America since 1992. Our company is staffed with dedicated professionals who live in the communities they serve- perhaps even in your neighborhood.
  • Arm/Disram your home security system
  • Live Video monitoring
  • Access from anywhere
  • View security alerts / notification
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Home and Business Security Solutions

Safehome home security cameras provide ultimate surveillance coverage, helping you to monitor and protect your home, family and property.

Eventsicherheit Sport und Grossanlässe

  Unsere Lösungen für effektiven Veranstaltungsschutz sind dezent und seriös und sichern den reibungslosen Ablauf ...

Logen- und Empfangsdienst

Wir bieten Ihnen unseren Logen- und Empfangsdienst zur Entlastung Ihrer eigenen Mitarbeiterpools oder zur Bewirtschaftung ...


  Umleitungen durch Baustellen, unvorhergesehene Ereignisse oder Grossanlässe haben Einfluss auf den Strassenverkehr und behindern ...


Die Sicherung von privaten und gewerblichen Objekten, Grundstücken, Baustellen, sowie von Besitztümern ist Vertrauenssache. Der ...


Der Revierdienst kann als eine Art mobiler Objektschutz angesehen werden, welcher ein Gebäude, eine Anlage, ...


Die Arbeit auf den Baustellen ist mit vielen Gefahren verbunden. Die Unfallstatistik zeigt, dass jährlich ...

We consistently review the top security systems to make it easier for you

The Value Leader in Security - Putting People before Profits
With regards to anchoring your home, everybody normally needs quality and dependability, however great esteem is a vital factor as well, particularly on the grounds that the expense of these frameworks can include after some time. However, these days, significant serenity comes much less expensive and simpler than it used to. Also, most home security organizations presently have grasped the most recent home mechanization advances and are consolidating.
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Home Automation

Keep Your Home Security Out of the Bundle

Have you received a flyer from your Cable Company about home security specials? Their rates look good and perhaps you use their internet/TV services so it may seem like an easy option. But consider this:
  • When do their rates go up? Usually after one year.
  • How long did you wait when you called a cable company for help?
  • The last time you scheduled a service call, were they on time?
  • What is their BBB customer service rating?
  • What is their penalty for early termination?
  • What is their false alarm rate?
  • Do you really want to trust your family’s safety to a cable company?
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